Lesbian Anal Beat Down Ron Mexico



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Lesbian Anal Beat Down  by  Ron Mexico

Lesbian Anal Beat Down by Ron Mexico
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Two girls get together and get down and in the butt in this steamy slutty sex story aiming to please.Now, at eighteen years of age, she realized there really wasnt anything great about being in high school- it was just a continuation of the ostracization and alienation shed endured in elementary school. She endured ridicule as trailer trash and the daughter of a single mom and drunkard. No one knew who her father was, but there was plenty of speculation...Theresa undressed then put on the black bikini.

The top was very loose, across her thirty-two C Breasts, allowing a glimpse of her large dark aureole. The bottom was a little snugger, but several tendrils of her curly brown pubic hair were visible on all sides.Were going to have to get you your own, Paris mused. Thank God its just us, huh?Id have to trim down there too, Theresa said and pointed to the pubic hair sprouting out on all sides.Yeah, but theres nothing to that, Paris said and went into her bathroom and grabbed two large fluffy towels.

Come on....Go ahead, get in, Paris ordered and Theresa climbed over the high edge of the tub.Oh, my God! she exclaimed as she sat down in the silky sensation of the water. It was already at breast height when she sat down, but the bubbles were almost to the tip of her nose.Paris laughed when Theresa blew a chunk of the bubbles at her, and rapidly finished shaving her pussy. She turned off the water and slipped into the tub.She disappeared under the Bubbles and Theresa screamed as she felt something pinch her big toe.Didnt I tell you? Paris breathed in Theresas ear.

I told you youd love my tub. You should see the ...XXX Adults Only 18+ Graphic Content

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