Inside the Mommie Pond Beverly Adewoyin

ISBN: 9781432797034

Published: June 22nd 2013


28 pages


Inside the Mommie Pond  by  Beverly Adewoyin

Inside the Mommie Pond by Beverly Adewoyin
June 22nd 2013 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 28 pages | ISBN: 9781432797034 | 4.25 Mb

The Mommie pond is a delightfully whimsical story that is full of sweet warm sequential pictures. A Little boy named Miles is curious about how he came to be. In this book about pregnancy and child birth, the childs mother describes her pregnancy and his birth. The childs mother describes in a sweet, loving, family friendly manner the magical physical changes that come during the pregnancy as a baby develops and the mommies tummy gets larger. The author recommends that the parent and child read the book together.

The idea of the pond was based upon the aspect of the small fetus swimming around in the placenta fluid. The Mommie pond is a book inspired by the pregnancy of the authors daughter who was pregnant with her first child.

The grandmother coined the term Mommie pond based upon seeing her grandson in his fetal state swimming around in the placenta fluid like a fish in a pond. The story was meant to put parents at ease at relating child birth and pregnancy without giving too much information. Experts recommend that children usually will ask questions and parents should listen carefully to the questions and answer only what they are being asked.

This whole birth issue can be overwhelming if not handled in a loving delicate manner. It has been recommended also that parents include their child in the birth of the coming sibling by bringing them on some of the doctors visits. The author recommends that after reading the book the child then has some idea of what to expect and the whole family can mark the milestones of the babys development inside the mother by using the book as a guide. The child may make further inquiries about procreation which the parents can handle by seeking out further notations online in our authors webpage.

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