Dias De Una Camara Nestor Almendros

ISBN: 9788432246524


411 pages


Dias De Una Camara  by  Nestor Almendros

Dias De Una Camara by Nestor Almendros
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Spanish cinematographer Nestor Almendross this biography styled book is undoubtedly a gem for all people interested in cinema.In his book Nestor puts his thoughts about cinema, the responsibilities of cinematographer and how contemporary cinematographers should find different ways of taking pictures by looking classics and several other art forms.He puts the importance of using natural light where todays cinema overly uses fake stage lights.

Also the importance of using light techniques in paintings like Vermeer, Rembrandt or Monet.Through the book Nestor honestly and very openly shares his techniques on how to solve problems in different situations. I purchased the book mainly for obtaining some unknown facts about Eric Rohmer but also very much enjoyed about his whole filmography.Nestors writing style is so honest and written in a very common language without stucking in too much jargon.

Very easy read and his honest voice is to natural that you get the feeling of a casual talking with him.

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